Conference. CIFAL Plock: Water in Urban Areas.

CIFAL Plock: Water in Urban Areas. Conference

     Date: 22 Mar – 24 Mar 2011

     Duration of event: 3 days

Location: Plock, Poland

Programme area: Local Development

Fee: No fee


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In urban economy water can be a precious resource serving not only drinking and sanitary needs of inhabitants, but also enhancing cities’ image and adding to their recreational and residential attractiveness. If mismanaged, it can be however a significant cost to local taxpayers and even a threat to their property, health or lives. Local policies with this regard and quality of their implementation will determine what this gift of the nature will constitute for urban population.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will explore regional trends and applicable best practices in urban water and waterfront areas management cross Central and Eastern European Municipalities.
  • Participants will apply UNITAR self-assessment tools to compare and rate policies for urban water and waterfront areas management.
  • Participants will explore financing and practical integration of selected practices taking into consideration their specific situation.

 Content and Structure

  • Module 1: Water and Urban Landscape: a Value or a Threat?
  • Module 2: Waterfront Planning and Revitalizing
  • Module 3: Best Practices in Regional Water and Waterfront Areas Management
  • Module 4: Applying Self-Assessment and Comparing Regional Water and Waterfront Areas Management Models
  • Module 5: Developing Action Plans for City-to-City Cooperation and Integration of Water and Waterfront Areas Management Practices


The Local Development Programme of UNITAR will use its CITYSHARE methodology during the workshop. The CityShare methodology aims at optimizing peer learning between local officials. It consists of various processes of self-assessment, distillation and transmission of experiences and good practices. It is also composed of several tools which provide a common framework for the evaluation of experiences made by the participating cities and offer a common language for the exchange and assimilation of the experiences, as well as a roadmap for action and progress.

Targeted Audience

Training beneficiaries shall come from the following groups across the Eastern and Central European region:

  • Regional Mayors,
  • Municipal technical staff,
  • Relevant private sector representatives,
  • Topical experts, and
  • National and regional Water Authorities.



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